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Thank you for being here!

I appreciate you taking a moment to be here now. If I may, I invite you to take a breath to bring you to this moment, to my happy place. A place that I hope can become a place of peace for you too. 

By this place, I don't particularly mean this website, I mean plants & pottery. Working with plants has become a superpower in my life. Getting my hands dirty with mud and soil is something that helps me ground myself, improves my mental health, connects me to our beautiful mother earth, reminds me to slow down while also inviting gratitude into my life, and that's just the beginning! 


Come jump into the wonderful world of plants & pottery...



Hola, aloha, and hello!

Thank you for taking time out of your full life to be here & welcome to a safe place! I, Mila, started Earthworks by Mila in pursuit of my dream to share my passions and places of healing with the world.

Whether it's plants or pottery, everything from Earthworks is created and grown with gratitude and mindfulness from my hands to yours. If not grown by me, Earthworks' plants are ethically sourced from local nurseries or your neighborhood plant addict.

 Earthworks has a combination of my handmade pottery in addition to up-cycled plant pots, this allows for unique and beautiful pots in a wide range of styles & budgets!

Earthworks by Mila prides itself in sharing the power of plants and the magic of pottery. I truly believe all people can be plant people and all plants can thrive in vessels of our earth!



Help me help you <3


Plant Procurment

Don't want to buy a plant off Island? Can't find the plant you've been searching for, your dream plant? Don't know what plant to start with? 

I got you!

In my time working with plants, I have cultivated knowledge and connections I love to put to use! By inviting me to support you in your plant journey you are also helping support other local businesses, and nurseries of this island.


Custom Pottery

Looking for something in specific? Can't find the dish set you've been looking for? Want your plants name on your pot? Can't stop watching that viral pottery video and you want your own?

Whatever it is you're looking for, I am more than happy to collaborate with you. Let's work together to create a work of art!


Plant Time

Wine, Beer, Kava, Pakalolo, or whatever floats your boat, & plant night? Birthday party with soil? Decided you want to feel confident & excited about caring for your plants? Need some help getting your garden started? Want to learn about the healing benefits of working with plants and soil?

You're not alone in your plant journey! The only thing I love more than working with plants is sharing my knowledge about them!

Plant Sitting

Leaving town and want to make sure your plants are well cared for? Too nervous to leave your rare plant with an inexperienced caretaker? I'd love to offer you a stress-free leave. Please reach out to find out if in-home care or my home is best for you.

Come Experience the Beauty


Kaka'ako/ Ward Every Saturday 8AM -12PM

@alohafarmlovers (Instagram)

Follow @earthworks.bymila on Instagram!


What can I do for you?

Custom Requests & Questions

Thanks for reaching out!

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